Friday, 17 April 2015

Note To Examiner

Hello, over the period of time doing the course I have progressively learnt the importance of research planning and evaluation, by doing this I have been able to develop my skills to inevitably used my new found knowledge to construct a final media product to will hopefully enjoy. By using the list of labels and post archive, you will easily be able to navigate through the journey to completion. 
Thank you, Jonathon Batson



Evaluation Question One

Once Paused, Please Full Screen.

Evaluation Question Two

Created On Photoshop.

Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Gender: Male and Female
Age: 20 - 29
Monthly Spare £: Less Than £125 (Helped me to decide on a price for the magazine, as someone with little spare money would want to buy an incredibly overpriced magazine.)
Personality: "I wish I didn't have to go to work every day", "I like to surround myself with a diverse range of cultures and ideas", "Across history, religion has done more bad than good". (All these things affected my magazine, due to the fact that the first statement shows laziness, meaning that although I previously said that it would be wise to have an intellectual magazine, there would still have to be little enough that the reader can be bothered to read the magazine)
Clothing Brands: Dr. Martens,American Apparel,Adidas (Allowed me to decide the sort of clothing my chosen model would wear.)
Magazines Read: NME and Vice (Gave me an idea as to what magazines would be good to take inspiration from.)
Indie Scenesters are dedicated to finding the newest music, exploring all avenues to get there – online, print, record shops, club nights and word of mouth. Staying ahead of the curve is a must, but it’s borne out of a genuine love for music – and this is what separates them from those more fickle dabblers and dilettantes, the Hipsters. For Indie Scenesters, there’s nothing better than discovering new artists and spreading the love.
Guitar music has seen its cool usurped by the rise in electronic-synth based music in recent years, and Indie Scenesters have broadened their musical tastes as a result. It’s no longer just about indie rock bands like Vampire Weekend – Indie Scenesters have embraced experimental, genre-blending artists like Four Tet. Yet, the Indie Scenester approach remains the same – it’s about championing independent artists rather than a specific genre, especially before the masses get in on the act. Potentially having their own music blogs and club nights (or at least dreaming of it), Indie Scenesters are more concerned with building up their vinyl collections than conspicuous consumerism.
The reason as to why my magazine suits this audience is due to the fact that the artists involved such as Cam Kharon, like indie scenesters, have an appreciation of music.